As the orbier was following our vehicle, we were interrupted and I confessed that I took it. Two of my friends did not call me and took me to testify. I handed over the other one because the ex was in my head. The torturer was also caught and I gave a statement. I told and identified. I urinated and was released. I want to ask if I have to go to court and is it possible to change my statement? In other words, lest Allah let us have an accident and trouble. I have never used it before and there is nothing in my criminal record. I do not want anyone to know what I need to do about it because of my job and my family. Would you be helpful.

Hello there! Mr. Attorney, it was understood that I used a drug for smoking and cannabis in the urine test while I was cruising with my electric motor last November. We have never been involved in a crime before. I got caught for the first time. I got probation. I gave it clean in 3 urines. I will attend seminars. A paper came to my last house from the court, as a result of the possession and use of drugs in traffic, there is a court on April 17th. What will be the result? Will I get a prison sentence?

Hello, I am a close friend of mine who is 18 years old. I was stuck next to him while his friend was selling real substance and the police said where did you buy the substance to the buyer, and he said to the buyer, buy the carpet again, and at that moment, the police stepped in and the young boy from the age of 18 who was wearing the carpet He claims that he left the cartridges and halil in his pocket, there is no police in the middle, if the 18-year-old is sent to the courthouse and sent to the metris, the court is waiting, what would be the result is it is very difficult to get bored.

Hello, come easy, I took infaZ for 5 years from drugs in 2015, 2 months ago, we caught a quantity of 4 people in the car in Istanbul, they took my drink and asked me, they took our statements and released them, they called me from the police station and called me for a urine blood test.

Hello. Now I have a question for you, we were caught with drugs in 2016 with my friends, but because it was my first time, they gave me freedom of control and my probation was over and the other day I got a court paper. I said it was our saying, would I get any punishment if I say guinea is ours when I go to court.

Hello, my April is using the substance and was treated in Bakirkoy and his private late hospital. They raided the house on notice and he was caught with 40 pills and he is in detention. He is using it, but the person who is using it claims that he has sold, but there is no evidence or slander about the sale. We have a court for tomorrow.

Hello, good evening, good luck, I was executed for 5 years in 2015 from drugs. 4 months ago, 4 friends caught 5 grams of marijuana in our Istanbul trip, and we were released after our statement was taken at the gendarmerie. What kind of process will we have in case of a test? We will go to test on Friday.

While the Mearaba were hanging out with my brother friend, my friend broke my 1.

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